We specialize in English <> Spanish translations. We use cutting-edge translation technologies in order to provide a quick and effective translation service.


We keep close contact with our clients, which enables us to know their needs and provide a service accordingly, since business expansion usually implies coping with obstacles due to language differences.

Moreover, we copy edit and proofread texts in Spanish. We especially keep the texts integrity when working on normative, grammar, orthography, orthotypography and lexicology of the Spanish language.



The main aim of our company is to work in order to satisfy our clients’ specific needs. Once the information we receive is processed, we follow the necessary steps from the beginning of the project to its completion and further delivery.

Personal documents

We attest the truthfulness of the documents content that we translate. We sign and seal our translations which are then certified by the Sworn Translators’ Association of the City of Buenos Aires.

Examples of certified translations:

  • Passports \ Identity Documents
  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates/li>
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Certificates of Studies
  • University Diplomas
Legal and financial translation

We translate legal and financial documents related to the commercial development of your company into global markets.


  • Corporate documents (Commercial papers, Contracts, Balance sheets, Bylaws, Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting, Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting, Invoices)
  • Patents

*The service includes, if required, the certification on behalf of the Sworn Translators’ Association of the City of Buenos Aires

Technical translation

We translate explanatory text containing machinery description and functioning.


  • Technical documents
  • Test Certificates and Test Reports
  • Content of brochures and leaflets for exhibitions and fairs

*The service includes, if required, the certification on behalf of the Sworn Translators’ Association of the City of Buenos Aires

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

Traducimos información utilizada por la industria farmacéutica y editores de textos de medicina.

Pharmaceutical equipment Pharmacotechnical assays
Manufacturing processes Packaging material
Chemical formulations and laboratory elements Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs)
Certificates of analysis Validation methods
Pharmacopoeia assays Pharmaceutical and instruction manuals
Scientific journals and papers Clinical trial protocols
Package inserts Patient and professional information leaflets
Risk management plans Medical records and certificates
Informed consent forms Regulatory affairs documents

We translate and localize (adaptation of terminology according to the target country or market) content for projects developed by digital marketing companies, advertising agencies and bloggers.


  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Presentations for advertising campaigns
  • Brand usage guidelines
Information Technology

We translate content for IT companies.


  • Technical and product specifications
  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Operating systems
  • QA methodologies
Literary translation
We translate textbooks written by independent authors, university professors or researchers, for self-publishing or editorial projects.

Books already published Manuscripts Academic papers
Audiovisual translation
We translate content for audiovisual aids in the following types:

Subtitling Audio description
Transcription Closed caption

Copy editing and Proofreading

We do the linguistic control of the texts and further copy editing and proofreading once they have been translated; thus, we make sure each project is error free and the text conveys exactly the same meaning as the original.

We provide the copy editing and proofreading service of literary works in Spanish.

Copy editing consists in:

Standardizing the typographical resources (capital letters, italics, quotation marks, among others).

Cleaning the text from spelling, syntax, grammatical errors and typos.

Revising and, if necessary, modifying the vocabulary and semantics, as well as the register according to the type of text. The author’s style is not altered.

Proofreading consists in:

Revising the material, once it has been laid out, so that there are no text and formatting errors that may appear during the graphic design process.


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Clients’ testimonials

  • At ProKarma, it’s been our pleasure to work with WordWide Services. I appreciate the effort, excellent willingness and professionalism of the whole team.

    Romina Di Camillo Head of Marketing at ProKarma Argentina
  • I have had a good experience with WordWide Services, since the translation project was delivered in the arranged time and done correctly.

    Martha Alcaraz Head of Regulatory Affairs – Technical Co-director
  • WordWide Services team of translators not only provide professional translation projects —delivered in due time and form— but also have great human quality. I always recommend them when we have work to be done, I count on them whenever we need their service.

    Yanina Gómez Marketing and Communication Manager at Trascopier
  •  I appreciate the professionalism and generous spirit of the team and I would certainly recommend them for any size translation work that anybody may need to be done, small or large. Without a doubt, a flawless choice! Thank you, WordWide Services!

    Jorge Rudko Author and speaker

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